Interior Design
Consultation & Construction

FUTURISTIC ID SDN. BHD., headquartered in Johor, Malaysia, specializes in interior design consultation and construction. With a commitment to crafting innovative and functional spaces, we cater to diverse client needs, from residential to commercial projects. Our team brings together creativity and expertise to transform visions into reality, ensuring every detail reflects our clients' unique style and preferences. At FUTURISTIC ID SDN. BHD., we strive to exceed expectations, delivering exceptional designs and quality craftsmanship that enhance the aesthetic and functionality of any interior space.


Committed to pioneering high-tech design solutions, we foster innovation in sustainable practices and creative problem-solving. Always exploring new ways to serve clients and protect our planet.


We value the diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives of each team member. We actively collaborate, combining our strengths to achieve outcomes that are greater than the sum of individual efforts.


Unleashing boundless imagination, we inspire innovative thinking in our team, believing creativity is everywhere and fuels fresh ideas for each project.


We draw inspiration from global trends and emerging design philosophies, incorporating them into our work to keep our designs ahead of the curve.

Life-long learning

We encourage ongoing learning and development within our team. We share knowledge and experiences to help each other grow both personally and professionally.


We foster a positive and supportive team culture where collaboration thrives. We approach every project with optimism, seeing each challenge as an opportunity for creative solutions.


We fuel a learning passion, fostering continuous growth and youthful curiosity, staying industry forefront with boundless energy and enthusiasm for dynamic design solutions in each project.
To be the leading provider of innovative and sustainable design and renovation solutions, recognized for our commitment to excellence, creativity, and customer satisfaction. We go beyond dreams, transforming aspirations into tangible, extraordinary spaces that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impact on every client we serve.
To transform spaces into visionary masterpieces, redefine interior design by continually pushing boundaries, fostering creativity, and setting new standards for futuristic aesthetics and functionality.