Interior Design

We are a professional Interior design based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Singapore. We aim to deliver interior design that is creative, holistic, strategic and in accordance to our clients' needs. We offer a holistic range of services including space planning, conceptual design, project management and construction.
Our Design Style
Modern Black
Modern European
Modern France
Why Choose Us
We provide professional insight and expertise to turn your dream vision into reality, offering unique solutions for challenging spaces that are both functional and visually appealing. Our guidance ensures added value and a competitive edge for your home.
Work Stages
  1. Layout Proposal & Mood Board Concept
    • Clarity on your layout and space use.
    • Better connection with us on your design ideas.
    • A clear picture of your preferred colour and design themes.
    • Helps with budgeting by having a clear understanding of your design.

  2. Renovation Quotation & 3D Quotation
    • This will be provided after the layout proposal has been confirmed.

  3. 3D Drawing
    - This will be provided after the quotation has been confirmed.
    - 2 ways to do the drawing:
    • Follow your budget. Exp: 180-200k Prices can vary by 10-20% from the initial budget given by the client.
    • We design the best for you. Prices can vary by 20-30% from the initial budget given by the client.

  4. Adjustment
    • The quotation calculation will based on the latest 3D drawing.

  5. Materials Confirmation
    • All material codes will be confirmed and recorded in detail and a copy will be sent to the client. The client's confirmation is required before work begins.

  6. Start of Work
    • The timeline for this step will depend on the specifics of the project. We will stay in touch and provide updates on the progress via WhatsApp.

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